All about pool insurance: What homeowners should know

by Wendy McDonald 09/18/2022

Do you know if you need pool insurance? While many homeowners are familiar with what their policies cover, sometimes swimming pools can raise questions. For example, what's the difference between an above ground pool and an in-ground pool for insurance coverage?

Here are some of the most important things for homeowners with pools to know:

Are above-ground pools covered by homeowners insurance?

Many homeowners insurance providers consider an above-ground pool as part of your personal property, as long as there aren't any permanently installed structures attached. In these cases, the pool would be covered under the personal property coverage. However, personal property coverage might have a limit lower than the cost to replace or repair the pool.

If your above-ground pool is damaged or destroyed by anything on your policy's list of covered perils, such as a falling tree or lightning strike, it will be covered by insurance. If the pool breaks or collapses due to neglect or lack of maintenance, however, it won't be covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover an in-ground pool?

An in-ground pool on your property will usually be covered under the part of your homeowners insurance policy for dwellings and structures. Some insurance providers might require specific safety upgrades before they'll give you a policy, however. Some of these upgrades could include gated fences or safety lights surrounding the pool.

How does a pool impact liability coverage?

The liability component of your homeowner's policy typically covers medical expenses or lawsuits related to accidents in or around your pool. Since the personal liability limit can vary from one policy to the next, many homeowners prefer to get an additional umbrella policy for extra financial protection in case of pool-related injuries.

Understanding the details of what the different parts of your homeowners insurance cover will help you make sound financial decisions - and have greater peace of mind. If you have a pool, or intend to get one, keep these facts in mind and remember to discuss them thoroughly with your insurance provider.

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